If you have lost or found a cat that is not listed here, please call our lost and found register on 01494 448849.

As we are all volunteers please be considerate and do not ring before 9:30am. If you get the answer machine after this time please leave a message, which includes your home landline number if you have one, and we will get back to you.

If you have found one of the cats listed here please call 01494 448849 or email cats@theartpartnership.co.uk





Cat found in the area of Holmers Farm Way open space car park (nr John Lewis) High Wycombe November 2013. The cat used to be very clean, however, it is now extremely thin and has bits of fur missing and wrinkles around its neck. It is still very friendly. If you have any information about where this cat is from, please contact Cats Protection.


Female tabby cat found on Priory Avenue, High Wycombe on 10th November 2012. Very affectionate but quite thin. If you have lost a female tabby in the area, please get in touch with Cats Protection.


FOUND Ginger and white cat, age approx 10. Very battled scarred on face but clean with no flea dirt. Neutered male. Very anaemic and thin – starving hungry. Turned up on Spurlands End Farm, Prestwood/Kingshill November 5th 2013, very friendly, being fed by farm owner and kept safe in warm barn overnight. Please contact Cats Protection if you know who this cat belongs to.


found amersham

This cat has been visiting a house in Woodside Road in Amersham for the last 6 weeks. Please contact Cats Protection if you know who this cat belongs to.


FOUND 23.4.12 Young black and white cat, very distinctive markings. This very affectionate little cat must be missed by someone! The people who found her started feeding her about 3 weeks ago when she appeared in their garden in Micklefield Road (HP13) and have taken her to the vets to ascertain whether she is chipped, which she isn't. Any info, please let us know.


FOUND Stray kitten about 4/5 months old. Black and fluffy with big brown eyes and quite tame, found in Grove Lane, Chesham.




LOST Rocco - a pure white male cat microchipped and neutered. Missing since 5 March from Whinneys Road Loudwater - last seen int he vicinity of Gregories Road. Any info, please call 07989 658040 or contact Cats Protection.



LOST Curie - a 2 year old tabby with a red collar. She has been microchipped and spayed. She's very nervous of strangers but never aggressive. Last seen Monday 17 March 2014 night at home in Melbourne Road, Micklefield. Any info, contact Cats Protection or call 07960 854060.



MISSING from 333 London Road, Bogie - an 18 month old male ginger and white short haired cat. Missing since early w/c 10 March. Any info, please call 01494 442473 or 07973 727933.


MISSING from Derehams Lane, Loudwater on Friday 7th February (late afternoon) – a grey female young cat with a white bib and half a white moustache. She is 9 months old, not chipped, and not wearing a collar. Her name is Brucie. If you hear anything about her, please contact us 01494 452722 or 07887 586487.


Alfie - MISSING - a male 2-3 year old, unfortunately not chipped or neutered. He has a small hole in the tip of his (left) ear from scrapping with another cat. He was last seen wearing a silver collar. He is very affectionate and loves his food. Missing since Friday 3rd January 2014 from Booker, High Wycombe. ANy info, please contact 07801336713 / 01494 525322.



Yoda went missing 23rd December 2013 from Hazlemere,High Wycombe, during the bad weather storms. He is microchipped but does not wear a collar. He is black with 4 white paws with a white dribble on bottom lip leading down to his white tuxedo and he is about 2 years old. Any news, please contact Cats Protection or call
07717 404845 or 01494 530188.



Missing - Tyler went missing from 88a Hazelmere Road, Penn Friday 29 November 2013. He has a shaved patch on his right side after an operation. Any information, please contact Cats Protection.



Missing - Marmalade has gone missing from the Stokenchurch area (near Ibstone Road) November 2013. She is 2-3 years old, spayed and is also microchipped (so she may be scanned at any vet / animal rescue centre and reunited with us free of charge). If you have any information, please do contact us via Animal Search UK quoting reference ALP170341. If Marmalade has chosen to make a new home with you, whilst we will be sad to see her go, we will be pleased to hear she is well and being looked after.



Missing from the Hughenden area of High Wycombe November 2013. His name is Gizmo, he is around 3 years old, white and tabby with a brown heart-shaped marking on his nose. He is extremely friendly, but a bit greedy so is possibly begging for food or being fed by someone. Any info, please contact Cats Protection.



LOST Sticky. Approx 2 years old - went missing from West Ilsley in Berkshire on Friday 1st November 2013. He is a small cat but has a large head, huge paws and a tiny kitten like body. He loves human company and is pretty fearless. He’s also very nosy and does jump in peoples cars. Tragically he is not chipped but we are desperately hoping as he is probably starving by now that he will go to someone for food and they may hand him in. Any news, please call 07554 017433 or contact Cats Protection.



LOST Gonzalez missing since 30th October 2013 from Jennery Lane next to Burnham High Street. He is 3 and a half with ginger fur. He is a slender cat with long legs. If anyone sees him, can they please contact the Blakes on 01628 603146 or 07900 684 520. He is neutered but not microchipped and he does not wear a collar.


LOST 19 year old female short haired tabby - missing from Windrush Court area of High Wycombe HP13 7UL. Not seen since Tuesday evening 3rd September, 2013. She is not microchipped and was not wearing a collar, she has very large green eyes and because of her age people might think she is a stray as she is quite thin and sometimes is a bit unstable on her back legs. Any info, contact Cats Protection.



LOST Dave - female cat from Prestwood HP16 0NJ near the common and Honor Road, not seen since 10 September 2013. Any details, please contact 07851 144110 or 01494 26164



Marley went missing in June 2013 from Hyde Heath. He is tabby (Bengal) and white with half a tail, 5 yrs old. Not neutered, no micochip and no collar. Any information, please contact Cats Protection.



Robbie (also known as Razda) is a Birman breed cat and has been missing since 22nd July 2013 from the South Heath, Great Missenden area. He is 5 years old and has been neutered and micro-chipped. Robbie has distinguishing features - his bright blue eyes and his beige and ashy brown patches on his head. His tail is also entirely brown! If you think you might have seen him or know where he is, please contact The Sonley family on 01494 862898



LOST: Smudge (and his brother Loki who has now been found) were homed by our branch to an address in Derehams Lane, Loudwater, High Wycombe. They were adopted on 8th July 2013 and went missing on 12th July. Loki has now been found but Smudge is still missing - he is micro-chipped and we have notified the chip company. He is very nervous so would not be easy to catch.He is roughly 1 year old and a neutered male.

Please contact High Wycombe Cats Protection on 01494 448849 if you have seen this cats. Please also e-mail hwandsbcats@hotmail.co.uk or cats@theartpartnership.co.uk or hominghwsbcats@aol.com



LOST - SQUEAK from the terriers area between hazlemere, high Wycombe and widmer end since midnight on sat 6 April 2013. She is a two year old pure white cat named squeak. She is very timid and has a whiny meaow. She has a microchip. Please call 07742 340605 or 07595 549416



LOST - Serj, a dark grey striped, 10 month old cat. Last seen on Eastward road, Stokenchurch on Sat 9th Feb 2013. Any info, contact details Diana on 07740465437 or Duncan on 07712410198
Reward will be given if found.



LOST - GEORGE - a ginger stripped and British Cream. He is around two and quite a bit fatter than the above picture. Missing since Thursday 3rd Jan 2013 from Nursery Walk in Marlow just off Spinfield Lane. George is chipped. Any news, call Stephanie on 01628 486801 or 01628 671636 (day).



Ginger is a 9 year old tabby cat. He is mainly ginger, with a white beard and some white across his nose. He was lost on 1st January 2013 from Hundred Acres/Quarrendon Road area of Amersham. He has only lived in this area for a short while. He is not microchipped nor has a collar. For any information on Ginger's whereabouts please contact Georgina on 07940 961665 or contact CPL.



Lost - Stripy Tom was last seen on 16th December 2012 in Stokenchurch, he is 20 months old, slim and very pretty for a boy. He is a ginger and white tabby. He doesn't have a collar but his chipped. If found please call 077 121 34592 or 077 366 10041.


Lost - Male tabby lost from Priory Road area in High Wycombe on 31st October 2012 - any info, please contact Cats Protection.


Lost - Simba - 1 year old Bengal male un- neutered and un-chipped. He is a grey/brown and black marble Bengal with black paws and a spotty belly. He has been missing since 23rd Sep 2012 in the Naphill Common area. Any info, please contact CPL.



LOST - Oscar - from Wingrave, Bucks - neutered and microchipped male. Mainly white mid-length fur and a very bright orange bushy tail and bright orange markings on his head. His eyes are different colours and he was wearing a light green fabric 'safety' collar which had my postcode and number printed on it (may have been lost or removed). Any info, call Caroine on 07808 502 473 or contact Cats Protection.



LOST- KoKo is a cream one year old short haired male - last seen on Sunday 1st July 2012 in Wooburn Moor, Beaconsfield. KoKo is microchipped but isn't wearing a collar. His owners are offering a reward for any information which leads to finding him. Any info, please contact Cats Protection.



LOST- Olly has been missing from the Walters Ash area since 21st June 2012. He is an un-neutered and unchipped male and he has a scar on his left ear. Any info, please contact Cats Protection.


Balthazaar has been missing from Holtspur since 1 May 2012. He is neutered and chipped, no collar. The owners live in Holtspur but have recently moved from Seer Green so there is a possibility that he could have returned to that area. Any information, please get in touch with Cats Protection.



Delilah, a brown Burmese, has been missing since Sunday 29th April 2012 in the RAF Daws Hill area. She is 4 months old, microchipped and has a pink collar. Please contact us on 07979 522105 if you've found her or know where she is, or get in touch with us or the Cats Protection League.



Merlot - missing since 21st Feb 2012 from Hazlemere. Brown and black tabby wearing a black collar with a silver fish on it. He is microchipped. Any info, please call 01494 714993 or 07970 855932.


Lia is a grey British Short hair and has been missing from White Lion Road in Amersham since 22nd January 2012. She does not have a collar but she is identi-chipped. Please contact us with any information.



Tabitha has been missing since New Year's Day 2012 from behind Rye Park, off Keep Hill Wood Drive in High Wycombe. She is a 15 year old Tabby Cat - very friendly and quiet. Please contact Cats Protection with any news.



Maddie is a Singapura female and is 18 months old. Lost since Nov 2011 from Grymsdyke, Prestwood. She is microchipped. ANy news, please call 07778 846933 or contact CPL.


Lost 2011 in Waterside Chesham. His name is patch and he is a silver and black tabby pedigree British shorthair. Is seven months old and not neutered. He has one eye due to left eye being injured when he was younger. He has been missing for two weeks now. Any info, please contact Cats Protection.



Nelly - 18 month old female neutered cat (no collar) - missing since Wednesday night 25th May 2011. She is registered with Wycombe Heights vets. Went missing from : Potter Row, Great Missenden - call 07786 134228



MILO - went missing from Bowler Lea in Downley on 28 April 2011. Milo is coming up to one year old, a pure white albino with no markings and without a collar. He is chipped and the owner is offering a reward for his return. Any details, please contact Cats Protection or call 07917 807051.



Female cat aged 10 months disappeared on 26th April 2011 - she is calico tortie. She was wearing a pink glitter collar with flowers on it and went missing in Totteridge are of High Wycombe. Any info, please call 07977 457058.


grey lost

Grey/Blue male cat last seen Thursday 21st April 2011. Lost from Conifer Rise high wycombe. Any details, please call or email us at Cats Protection.



If your cat or kitten has gone missing, don't despair. Most return of their own accord, sometimes several days later. However, here are some steps you can take to try and help:

Look in...

• all rooms
• cupboards
• boxes
• household appliances,
eg washing machines
• sheds and garages
• vehicles
• gardens
• hedgerows - watch for snares
• lost and found section of your local newspaper


• neighbours
• local veterinary surgeons
• local schools - children are observant as regards animals
• your local Cats Protection Branch
• local RSPCA
• local Blue Cross
• the cleansing department of your local council
• your postman and milkman
• websites such as Petsearch UK / Pet Detective / Lost Pets UK and Pet Hunters
• newspaper delivery person

• posters on trees, distribute leaflets to shops, Post Office, garages.
• local schools, newspapers, radio
• local noticeboards, including a recent photograph of your missing cat
• offer a reward


• the earlier you report your cat is missing, the more likely is that it will be found
• when your cat does return, DO inform any organisations who have been asked to look for it
• have your cat microchipped

Have you found a cat?

If you've found a cat that you think matches the description of any here on our site, please email cats@theartpartnership.co.uk or call us on 01494 448849. You might also consider some or all of the following:

if the cat is hungry, please feed it
if possible, take the cat to a vet who will check for a microchip, and you can ask if anyone has reported a similar cat missing
if no microchip is found, you could produce some small 'Cat Found' leaflets to be put in newsagents and distributed in the area it was found

Doing these things is often very successful in reuniting a cat with its owners and it is important that these procedures are carried out before Cats Protection takes the cat in for rehoming. Once we take in a cat, we must keep it for at least seven days before we can rehome it.